Thoughts towards Masterplanning

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BUILDING AN ENVIRONMENT is of greater importance than the creation of free standing objects. 

architecture is about place making and the passage of time as well as it is about space and form. light water wind and weathering are the agents by which it is consummated. in as much as its continuity, building provides the basis for life and culture. duration and durability are its ultimate values. all architecture that does not express serenity fails in its spiritual mission“ (barragan)

REINVENTION combination of vitality and calm

TOPOGRAPHY the topographic concept of the bounded domain or place, as opposed to the space endlessness of the megalopolis

BOUNDARY a boundary is not something where a place stops, it is that from which something begins its’ presence.

POLITICS OF DANCING conceptual consistency, and sensible compromise

TRADITION AND INNOVATION the way in which we anticipate the future defines the meaning that the past can have for us, just as the way the future determines our own range of possibilities …history is not only made by us but it also made us…we belong to it in the sense that we inherit its experience, project a future on the basis of the situation the past has creted for us and act in light of our understanding of this past …(georgia warnke)

 THE BIG FISH The worst enemy of modern architecture is the idea of space considered solely in terms of economic and technical exigencies indifferent to the ideas of the site. (v. gregotti 1983) kf p8 dimitris pikionis 1933 : “a sentimental topography”